Welcome to our NEW website! Check out our New Arrivals or our SALE section to grab a bargain or two!
Welcome to our NEW website! Check out our New Arrivals or our SALE section to grab a bargain or two!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Products

Are Gelite products cruelty-free?

We do not test on animals or use animal produce and we never will.

Are Gelite Products Vegan?

Our products are 100% Vegan

What is a BIAB?

A BIAB (Builder In A Bottle) is a multi-function product you can use for sculpting and tip extensions. Use on the natural nail bed to increase strength, flexibility and growth. Use in conjunction with our Clear Rubber Base to achieve maximum strength, longevity and as a snap deterrent.

What is a Rubber Base?

Our Rubber Bases provide extra strength the most fragile of nails. The nail has improved flexibility and therefore helps prevent, snapping, flaking or chipping.

What is the difference between a Rubber Base and a regular Base Coat?

A regular Base Coat is for use on normal nails and a Rubber Base coat is for use on flaky, brittle and damaged nails. A Rubber Base is also a thicker consistency.

Are all of the Top Coats Non-wipe?

We have a 4 Top Coats in our range. Our non-wipe Top Coats are the Glossy Top Coat and Glitter Top Coat.


Application Methods

What should I do for best results?

We recommend you canister your nails, prep the natural nail. Apply Gelite Primer followed by a thin layer of Base Coat or Rubber Base Coat. Cure under your Gelite UV LED Lamp. At this stage you could apply our Clear BIAB and cure for increased strength and flexibility (this stage optional). Then apply your Gelite gel polish, Glitter gel or Gel paint and cure. For maximum impact apply a second coat and cure. Finally apply our Glossy Top Coat or Glitter Top Coat. For beautiful looking results finish with our Cuticle Oil Pen.

Do I need a UV LED LAMP?

Unlike regular nail varnish, Gel Polish needs to be cured under a UV LED Lamp. Visit our Accessories section to take a look at our Gelite UV LED LAMPS.



How long will my order take to arrive?

It will depend on which shipping option you choose at check out. We offer Express which is usually 1-2 business days or Standard which is 2-5 business days. For Europe it's 3-5 business days.

All orders are tracked and you will receive notification when the parcel is despatched and again once delivered.